GHEP-ISFG Collaborative Exercise on “Analysis of autosomal ancestry- informative indels” - AIM-Indels 2015 - 2nd Phase

In agreement with the proposal voted in the last general assembly, the second phase of the GHEP-ISFG Collaborative Exercise on the “Analysis of autosomal ancestry-informative indels” will take place for those labs having results from the 1st phase concordant with the consensus genotypes .

In the 2nd phase the participating laboratories will be supplied with a primer mix needed to genetically characterise one or more populations of interest for the 46 AIM-indels.

To the participating laboratories, an aliquot of 500 uL of PCR primer mix will be sent allowing the processing of approximately 500 reactions (mixture already prepared containing dye-labeled primer pairs needed for the co-amplification of the 46 markers). Any other materials or reagents required for the study should be obtained by the participating laboratory.
The results must be submitted until February 29th 2016, including the genetic profile of the samples (in Excel format according to the template).
It is recommended to backup the .fsa files and/or electrophoregrams of all runs performed as they may be needed to clarify questions that may arise.

For the publication of the final results there will be a limit of one author per laboratory for a minimum of 100 individuals sampled per population. There may be a maximum of two authors accepted per participating laboratory when data corresponding to at least two different populations are submitted, each comprising at least 100 samples. Populations with less than 100 individuals can exceptionally be considered whenever justifiable by its peculiarities and after having consulted the work commission.

Those labs having successfully completed the 1st phase must apply to participate via email to [email protected] or [email protected] until September 15th 2015.

Requirements for participants

• The participants must be GHEP members and have the membership fees up to date. 

• The participants must have results from the 1st phase concordant with the consensus genotypes . 

• Payment of the participation fee of 150 euros on time (online with credit card or bank transfer, according to


Deadline for registration: September 15th, 2015
Deadline for payment: October 15th, 2015
Deadline for submission of results: February 29th, 2015


Leonor Gusmão: [email protected] 
Rui Pereira:  [email protected]